Denis Young - Aluminium Art

More than just art, an experience.

‘Denis young aluminium art’ is the product of the vision and creativity of Denis Young. Each individual project providing an outlet for his artistic vision., which through the use of words and beautiful imagery comes to life against an aluminum canvas.


What sets aside Denis young from others is their clever incorporation of the anodizing treatment of aluminum. Through this special treatment  the colour, reliefs and protection layers of the aluminum are added offering a unique blend of visual and tactile depth. After which as a final step – using special paint – more precision details are added to truly create an exceptional 3D piece of art that is both emotionally-and-thought provoking.


Due to each project being limited to only one edition, ownership of a work by Kunstig Aluminium is guaranteed to be unique in and of itself.

This website provides a first impression of Kunstig Aluminium. However, to truly be able to appreciate the fine multilayer details one must come in contact with and experience each individual artwork.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make an appointment to view our works or have any further inquiries.